Sunday, September 27, 2015

Cabin Weekend

We had a great weekend at the cabin!

Playing on the rocks

Making campfires

Going for a hike

 AHHHHH.....Eric using Uncle Zach's machete!

and whittling with Daddy's pocketknife...that's a little less dangerous!

These silly boys had so much fun!!! Love them!!!

Grammy and Grandpa got lots of time with Delaney 

 Riding in the back of the truck up the mountain....we saw deer!

So much fun!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Disney Surprise!

We have been planning our Disney vacation since the spring but were able to keep it a secret from the boys!  We have been filling our "Disney Jar" with change for the past 6 months so they know we are going at some point but didn't know when. We decided to tell them this past Sunday....only 10 more weeks to go!  We wanted to come up with a creative and fun way to surprise them. 

We decided on a Treasure Hunt.  I took close up pictures of different areas in our yard to use as the clues.  Jim made a treasure chest that we filled with with a Disney stuffed animal for each of the boys and a letter telling them when we are going. 

Eric got the first clue

Eric and Jacob both got Stitch!

 Lucas wouldn't let his Mickey and Minnie go!

It is nice now that they know because they can help us decide what rides we want to get fastpasses for and what shows they want to see.  They are excited!

We started a weekly countdown chart too. 

Here's hoping the next 10 weeks fly by!!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Our week at the beach!

 Our vacation started out a little rocky when Jacob woke up Saturday morning with a touch of a stomach bug.  He was a trooper though and made it through the car ride!

 By Sunday he was feeling much better and we made it to the beach!!!

This was a "sculpture" of a lego man that Eric made....then 15 minutes later a kid came and crushed it, while the dad watched!  UGH, some people! At least I got a picture.

Grandpa's traditional shovel picture with all the grandkids!  Lucas wasn't very cooperative!

Eric loved boogie boarding!

We played lots of arcade games
and boardwalk games

 Rode rides


Traditional group photo!

We ate ice cream every night!

Lucas giving Delaney some love!

So sad to be back to reality!!!