Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Jacob Ray is 5 today!!!  He couldn't wait to go to bed last night because he was so excited about turning 5 in the morning!

notice Jacob is stealing Santa's cookies here...at only 8 months old!

Jacob's famous "nest" making!

getting a turn to be the Big Brother!

 Happy birthday to our crazy, stubborn, sweet, lovable boy who always keeps us on our toes!  We love you!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Play Ball!

Baseball season started this weekend!  Saturday morning we went to the Opening Day ceremonies. 

Jacob had his first game that afternoon.  It was cold and windy but he had a lot of fun!  It was so cute to watch him running for the ball. Of course in true tee-ball fashion, he did a lot of playing in the dirt too!

Eric had his first game on Sunday.  The weather was much better!  Eric lead the game off with a double and scored the first run.  He got to play first base for 5 out of 6 innings.  His favorite position!

Lucas is doing great.... He is much more active and has been very chatty lately.  He's making lots of cooing sounds and we are finally hearing some giggles, though he really makes you work for them. 

We have started him on solids and he is loving it!  There hasn't been a food he didn't like yet.  I have been making all of his food.  It is so easy.  I wish I would have made Eric and Jacob's food too.  So far he has had carrots, peas, squash and bananas.

We've been spending more time outside now that it's lighter longer in the evenings.  Lucas loves going for walks in the stroller.

 Looking forward to the warmer Spring weather!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Celebrating the Mommy-to-be

Today we celebrated the upcoming birth of my new nephew.  We had a great luncheon at Brickside Grille with the Kolb Family.

I loved creating all the decorations, favors and other little touches to go with the bird theme that we chose.

The diaper cake was a lot of fun to make.

We played 2 games- 
guess how many candy eggs are in the jar and guess the flavor of baby food

Bird favors that Jim and I made

Delicious and adorable cupcakes (can't take credit for these)


Of course, even the menus had to match the theme

This was Zach's teddy bear wearing his christening outfit

Caitlin got a lot of great gifts for Baby Boy.

Quilt made by Amanda.  
It matches the crib bedding that Caitlin had made for the nursery

Caitlin, showing off the burp cloths I made :)

We asked everyone to bring a book instead of a card 
to help add to the baby's library.

Everyone got a kick out of this "Mommom Book"


We had a wonderful day celebrating Caitlin and Baby Kolb.  We can't wait to add another little boy to our family!!!