Saturday, March 28, 2015

Great Wolf Lodge!

In lieu of having birthday parties with their friends, Eric and Jacob chose to spend a night at Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos.  We left after school on Thursday, dropped Lucas and Tyler at Grammy and Grandpa's and drove to the Lodge  We spent the night and all day Friday and were waterlogged by the time we left!  We had a blast!

Their own "bunkhouse" inside our hotel room.

Exploring the hotel in pajamas!

The lobby was so cool!

Our room

 The wave pool was their favorite!


Jacob was a little too short to try this, but Eric was a pro!


The bucket of water that dumps every few minutes!

Ice cream for the ride home!

There were also 7 tubes slides and a lazy river that we enjoyed.  Some of the slides were pretty intense!  The boys have already asked to go back....  it was a fun getaway!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

February wrap-up

So February was COLD, COLD, COLD!!!  We are SO ready for Spring so we can get outside to run around!

Lucas turned 15 months last week. He is quite the little ham lately.  He is very stubborn and has been known to throw a few tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants!  But, he's also very sweet.   He loves to give hugs and high-fives and is a great helper when you ask him to do something.

This is his favorite pastime...


We can't keep him off the kitchen table!!! 

He has also mastered drinking out of a straw!  Easy to do when your big brothers leave their cups out where you can get them!

His favorite part of the day seems to be bedtime because he knows he is going to brush his teeth then get his pacifier in his crib!  Crazy kid!!!

Daddy introduced him to Oreos with milk!

He thinks it's great to lick the beaters when Mommy is baking! 
this was actually mashed potatoes and he licked the beater clean but refused to eat them at dinner!

 He likes to help with the laundry

He loves his buddy Gabe!

Eric and Jacob have been obsessed with playing Minecraft on the Xbox and watching YouTube videos of other people playing the game.  It's driving me CRAZY!!!

 Lunch on a snow day!

Shoveling off the top layer of snow to find a sheet of ice....they made an ice skating rink!

We said goodbye to our neighbors, The Garrison's.  They moved up state to an assisted living facility.  We gave them this picture of the boys and Tyler to remember us!  We miss them!

Jim made a new headboard for our bed!  It's been on his to-do list for quite a while.  It's actually made out of panels from Mommom Kolb's old garage door!

Looking forward to spring in 21 days!  Mother Nature better get her act together!!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Low Key January

We are enjoying the laziness of January.  We have been working on getting the house back in order after the chaos that was Christmas and taking advantage of a pretty much empty calendar.

We enjoyed a snowy afternoon.

Turned our dining room into a playroom for Lucas (and Gabriel).

Jim and I have gotten a few more gray hairs since Lucas has discovered it's fun to climb!

Took a trip to Cabela's.

Celebrated Dad and Uncle Roger's January birthdays and Jim's belated December birthday with the Kolb Family.

yes the little boys get to be in every birthday picture, even though it's not their birthday!

Played play doh

Found deer in our backyard...this was the highlight of Eric's afternoon the other day!

Lucas has had so much fun having Gabe here 4 days a week now too.  They are such good buddies!

Looking forward to another low-key month next month before the craziness of baseball season starts in March!